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= To:        CLE

From:    JAMargolis


Date:     9/28/05



1. Not= ice and opportunity to cure before being deemed in default

2. Consents/approvals not to be unreasonably withheld conditioned or delayed (= esp. as to sublet and assignment)

3. Bro= ad rights of rent abatement, set-off and self-help if Tenant is not receiving all it bargained for: rent to abate during any period demised premises not useable= for the normal conduct of Tenant’s business

4. All Landlord charges, fees and expenses to be reasonable

5. All services provided by Landlord on an additional pay basis, to be charged at = Landlord’s cost

6. No = claim for indemnification/reimbursement to Landlord for any loss covered by insur= ance carried by either party

7. Mak= e indemnifications and hold harmless reciprocal

8. Lan= dlord liable for breach of lease

9. Ten= ant not liable for any repairs/restoration (i) structural in nature or (ii) covered= by Landlord’s insurance

10. Le= gal fees to prevailing party in any litigation (also to “substantially prevail= ing party” whether or not suit is actually commenced)

11. All entries to DP to be done in such a way so as to minimize interference w/Ten= ant’s business

12. No= right of Landlord to relocate Tenant

13. No= pass throughs to Tenant for Landlord’s capital improvements

14. Pr= emises to be delivered in good order and repair and in compliance with all “legal requirements” (broadly defined)

15. Re= nt in a well-run building with solid owner/management