BANKRUPTCY; STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS: Provisions in the Bankruptcy Code tolling the statute of limitations against debtor during period of automatic stay, but saying nothing about guarantors, do not preempt state law provisions tolling the statute of limitations against guarantors. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation v. Torrefaccion Cafe Cialitos, Inc., 62 F.3d 439 (1st Cir. 1995).

Here, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico was free to extend the statute of limitations period, under its own laws, for actions against co-debtors, sureties and guarantors without conflicting with 11 U.S.C 362, which similarly tolls the statute of limitations. The court held that the bankruptcy code was not inconsistent with the state law provision, but merely complimentary.

Note: The consequence here was that the state law action stayed alive long enough to overlap the extended period of limitations under FIRREA, which "kicks in" if the FDIC as receiver takes posession prior to the running of the statute. Therefore, an action brought against the debtors almost nine years after the original default was timely.

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