Affidavit of Title

STATE OF <<State_of_execution>> )
COUNTY OF <<county_of_execution>> ) ss:

The undersigned affiant(s), being first duly sworn, on oath say, and warrant to the grantees(s) hereinafter named:

(1) Affiant(s) have an interest in the premises described below commonly know as <<property_address>>, or in the proceeds thereof or are the grantor(s) in the deed dated <<deed_date>>, to <<grantees>>, grantee(s), delivered pursuant to a contract the premises dated <<contract_date>>, between <<sellers>>, as Sellers(s), and <<contract_date>>, as Buyer(s) and conveying the following premises:


(2) Except for the contract for the purchase thereof, referred to above, in connection with which this affidavit is given, no contract has been entered into by affiant(s) or to the knowledge of affiant(s) exists for the sale or conveyance of the premises.

(3) To the best knowledge and belief of the undersigned, there are no contract for labor or material furnished or to be furnished to the premises that are not fully paid or otherwise provided for; and there are no security agreements or leases affecting any goods or chattels that have become attached or are to become attached to the land or any improvements thereon as fixtures that have not been fully performed, satisfied, provided for or paid.

(4) Alternative 1:
The only occupants in possession of the premises are the affiant(s).

Alternative 2:
The affiant(s) occupy and are in possession of a part of the premises.

Alternative 3:
All parties occupying the premises, or any part thereof, other than than the affiant(s), are bona fide tenants only, and have no other or further interest in the premises. Said Tenants have paid their rent in full to date and no tenant has made an advance payment of rent or has paid any security deposit in connection with said tenant's occupancy or has received any concession in connection therewith, unless noted below, or in the closing statement. All leases of any parts of the premises expire not later than <<lease_expiration_date>>. No one, including a tenant, has any unrecorded option to purchase the premises or any option to extend or renew any lease of any part of the premises, unless noted below or in the closing statement.

(Strike any of the above alternatives which are not applicable)

(5) Except for the Deed referred to above, no conveyance or instrument adversely affecting the title to the premises has been executed by affiant(s) or the knowledge of affiant(s) exit, and to the best knowledge and belief of the undersigned, no liens, suits, proceedings, judgments, or decrees of any nature whatsoever exist adversely affecting the title to the premises which will survive the closing, or affecting the right, title or interest of any party therein, which are not shown in the commitment for title insurance relating to the premises dated <<title_commitment_date>>, and issued by <<title_certificate_number>>, or which are not shown in Certificate of Title number <<title_insurance_ company>>, covering said premises, and issued by the Registrar of Titles of Cook County, Illinois, or which are not shown in the search for unpaid taxes and special assessments against said premises dated <<tax_search_date>> and made by the Registrar, or in a Federal Lien Search dated <<federal_tax_lien>> made by the Registrar, or in a State Tax Lien Search dated <<federal_tax_lien_search-date>> and also made by the Registrar.

(6) All water bills against the premises, except the current bill, if prorated, have been paid, and the premiums for any insurance policies prorated and assigned have been paid.

(7) Exceptions, if any, to the foregoing or further statements given by the Affiant(s):


The warranties herein set forth are continuing warranties, and shall survive the closing.

This statement is made to induce, and is given in consideration of, the said grantee(s) consummations of the purchase of the premises, without further inquiry, investigation or evidence.




Subscribed and Sworn to before me on <<signature_date>>.

Notary Public