Useful Links and Websites for Housing Lawyers
Compiled by Forrest David Milder, (c) 2001
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ABA --  The Website of the ABA's Housing Forum, and how to join our Listserv
HUD -- The HUD Libraries, Datasets, and listserv
IRS -- Getting IRS Publications and Forms
Other Government Organizations -- The Millennial Commission, Other Federal and State Links
Tax Credit Links -- Finding AFR, Credit Rates, Qualified Census Tracts, QAPs, etc.
Investors in/Syndicators of Low Income Housing Tax Credits --  Directory of Investors
Organizations Devoted to Housing -- Directory of Organizations
Compliance -- Monitoring Low Income Housing Tax Credit Compliance
Collections of Links, Calendars, and Glossaries -- Useful Links and Websites
Other Real Estate Sites -- Miscellaneous Real Estate Sites and Forms
New Markets Tax Credit (Section 45D) -- Overviews of the Section 45D Credit
Other Sites of General Interest -- Google and Pocket Digital Assistants

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HUD maintains three major sites with an enormous amount of information:,, and

Here are some illustrations of what you can find:
  HUD's On-line Library -- There are 19 "bookshelves" of information
  HUD's Datasets, including fair market rents, qualified census tracts, and income limits
  HUDuser news Listserv -- How to join the HUD listserv
  HUD Clips - (CFR, Federal Register, Internal Revenue Code, etc.)


Maintained by the IRS
The main IRS web is:
  IRS forms and publications
    In general:
    By number:
    Forms that can be filled in "on-line"
   The "Low Income Housing Market Segment Specialization Program", essentially an IRS audit manual:

Maintained by Others
  Millennium Tax Links
    Main site -- includes search engine to find letter rulings and procedures and state and federal tax forms
    Find revenue rulings by year and number:
    Collection of IRS forms, rulings, cumulative bulletins (mostly 1996 and later),
      and also links to state forms
   "For Tax Professionals" site, that includes Chief Counsel's determinations, Actions on Decision,
      TAMs, private letter rulings, etc.
      Private Rulings back to 1995


Millennial Housing Commission -- This is the bi-partisan Congressional commission on housing
US Federal Legislative Information. Bills, Laws, Congressional Record, reports, and links to further information
Access to Many Federal Documents, including the Federal Register, the US Code, the Congressional Record,
  and Many Others

Links to State Housing Agencies

Links to State and Local Government in all 50 States

Links to Many Federal and State Programs

State Housing Credit Programs
List compiled by Jim McDermott, Esq., of Holland & Knight, as of 1999


Applicable Federal Rate
This is the rate that applies to "below market federal loans".

Table of Tax Credit Percentages

Qualified Census Tracts and Difficult Development Area

Look up Census Tracts by Address

Qualified Allocation Plans

Maximum Tax Credit Rents by County


Table of Investors with Basic Details

Individual websites
Boston Capital
Lend Lease (acquired Boston Financial Group)
Merritt Community Capital
National Partnership Investments Corp.
Regency Housing Group
WNC & Associates
Fannie Mae
First Union
John Hancock
Newman Financial Services (NFS)
    (Note: Paramount was acquired by NFS)
National Equity Fund
The Related Companies
The Richman Group
Edison Capital
National Association of Housing Partnerships


Corporation for Supportive Housing
Council for Affordable and Rural Housing
Council of Large Public Housing Agencies
Local Initiative Support Corporation
Housing Assistance Council
National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials
National Housing Conference
National Leased Housing Association
National Council of State Housing Agencies
National Association of Housing Cooperatives
National Housing & Rehabilitation Association
National Low Income Housing Coalition
    Table of State Organizations Affiliated with NLIHC
Public Housing Authorities Directors Association
Southern California Housing Development Corporation
The Community Builders
The Community Reinvestment Fund


National Compliance Professional's Website
NCSHA's Recommended Compliance Practices for the Housing Credit Program By Elizabeth L. Moreland
  (at the NCP website)
A Web-based discussion group of compliance professionals:
Compliance Packages Used by Spectrum Enterprises in several states


Almost every site has a collection of housing-related links, and I hesitate to rate any as "more useful than others".  Here, at least, are few of the links that I have used:

Collections of Links
Don't forget HUD, above.
NAHRO's Collection of Links
NLIHC's Collection of Links
Novogradac & Company's Affordable Housing Resource Center
  Main Page

Calendars of Low Income Housing Events
Novogradac Calendar of Housing Events and Seminars
List of Upcoming Conferences compiled by "Affordable Housing Finance"

NAHRO Glossary
NHC Glossary of Terms Related to Cooperative Housing:
Affordable Housing Lexicon
NeighborWorks® network Glossary


Multi-Housing News
USABoard Secondary trading of partnership interests Find out about neighborhoods and available apartment units
Summary of RealFoundation's study of technology used in the management of multi-family
  housing --
National Association of State and Local Equity Funds Page of "Best Practices"
Rental Housing on Line -- A large collection of rental-related webpages, including everything from accounting to lead paint to tenant selection and screening to pets

Real Estate Forms
At the ABA Conference, one attendee at my seminar on using the internet asked if it was possible to find real estate forms on the net.  The answer is yes.  PLEASE NOTE:  I don't vouch for these forms; I simply tracked them down on the internet -- they may be great, and they may not.  Please use your discretion!  (Scroll down for real estate forms)


Summary prepared by LISC
IRS notice of proposed rulemaking
IRS Summary of the law
Summary prepared by Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Fund


Google -- my favorite search engine
I especially like Google for two reasons:  First, if used with IE5, it can be set up to put the "Google Toolbar" at the top of you browser.  This provides you with an always available search engine and "find on the page" utility.  Second -- when a page identified by Google is "not found", you can click on the word "Cache" in Google's list of results, and this will take you to Google's own copy of the missing page.
  Main Page
  To install the Google Toolbar

Palm Pilot and Other Pocket Organizers
Hardware Guide to Pocket Digital Assistants ("PDAs")